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March 7, 2008
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Kioshi felt a cool drop of water touch his cheek and slide down to his chin. For a couple of seconds, he thought perhaps he had begun to cry. Simply being in Hitoshi’s absence for more then a few mere moments was certainly enough to bring him to tears, he had no doubts. But his foggy mind finally seemed to realize that the drop was too cold to be a tear, and had touched his skin with more force. His guarded gray-blue eyes looked up to the sky, the heavens hidden from view by a heavy curtain of thick gray clouds that seemed to be hugging closer to the earth then they should be. The dampened sky now matched his eyes, and as if the clouds were trying to make him realize this, another teardrop of rain splashed silently under his left eye.
Turning his face away from the laden heavens, Kioshi touched his cheek with two fingers and then stared at them for some time, watching the cool water warm on his fingertips and slowly dry away.
The young boy did not raise his eyes at the sound of his name, but rather let himself get lost in the sound for a moment. The voice sounded like it shouldn’t come from some earthbound being, but rather from a celestial creature gracing the terra firma with its presence. Kioshi had actually tried to tell Hitoshi this once, but the demon simply smiled that simple smirk that should be made illegal because it could cause a heart to stop beating in a split second. Kioshi’s heart, anyway.
Satin fingertips brushed Kioshi’s forehead, making his mind pull back forcefully to the present time. He let his subtle storm-blue eyes raise from the silent river beneath the bridge so that they met eyes of a different gray, gentle and milky, like the thickest fog that rolls into a valley after a day-long spring shower. The eyes were soft and always seemed to hold a silent pleading, though it may never be clear what they begged for. Eyes that seemed to smolder and burn with a gentle, irresistible warmth.
There, that perfect smile. Just the tiniest twist of the corner of his silken lips, just the slightest change in his perfect features, and yet it made his face so peaceful, so angelic, so… beautiful. Kioshi felt his heart ache in his chest.
“Kioshi…. Are you thinking again?”
“Mmm.” Kioshi’s lips pressed together in a thin line as he hummed the unuttered word, his brow creasing just the smallest degree.
Hitoshi’s mouth twitched at the corners, just the slightest hint of a widening smile. The demon rarely granted mere mortals with his full smile, because that really could stop a beating heart, really could cause one to loose all track of time or space, all sense of reality. It could take days for Kioshi to recover from the effects of his blindingly perfect smile. “Wake up soon, okay? I want to take a walk with you.”
Why walk on earth when he could stroll through heaven looking in Hitoshi’s pure gray eyes? But after a moment, Kioshi let his mind imagine his own delicate fingers interlaced with Hitoshi’s, their connection speeding up the pace of his heart, seeping an enticing warmth into his bones. His own rare smile graced his lips, his eyes set at half mast for a couple of seconds. “I think it’s going to rain.” He mused, his voice naturally quiet, as if he were always hesitant to speak. Kioshi didn’t speak often. It was one of the many reasons why he loved Hitoshi so much. He felt words with an unnecessary extravagance around the neko. And if he was silent long enough, Hitoshi would fill the empty void with his perfect, glassy voice.
A sound like the drone of a hummingbird’s wings emanated from somewhere in the back of Hitoshi’s throat. It sounded happy, coaxing. “I thought you liked the rain.”
Kioshi hadn’t actually realized that Hitoshi’s fingertips were still lazily tracing a steady path on his forehead, except that the skin was beginning to tingle slightly, humming at his repeated touch. The younger boy was so used to the demon’s touch that it felt like an extension of himself, no matter where their bodies met. Kioshi absentmindedly wrapped his long, slender fingers around Hitoshi’s wrist, causing him to pause in his stroking of Kioshi’s face. The light blond boy interlaced his fingers with Hitoshi’s, letting their hands drop down slowly between them, and indeed his heart did quicken a little within the confines of his chest.
Kioshi let the smile hover on his lips for a few golden seconds. “I do.” He said quietly, pleased for some child-like reason that Hitoshi remembered the small things. Things like how he liked the rain.
Hitoshi held Kioshi’s hand a little tighter for a moment, just the slightest increase in pressure, as if to always remind Kioshi that he was staying put, and wouldn’t fly away any time soon. Kioshi always wondered why this perfect angel didn’t fly away. “Come on.”
All his thoughts turning into a foggy haze at the coaxing in Hitoshi’s voice, Kioshi nodded and allowed Hitoshi to start to lead him, following closely at his side, their arms brushing with a gentle swish of light fabric against cool, bare skin. Hitoshi rarely ever wore a shirt, even in the harsh and bitterly cold bite of winter. It left his heart-achingly perfect torso exposed to the world, his pants always riding just low enough to bare that gorgeously tempting amount of smooth, alabaster skin on his stomach. Hitoshi had a figure that seemed to be carved by angels and the hand of God himself. His skin was smooth and pale as marble, and just as cool to the touch. His skin was so perfectly light that the crimson tattoos along his arms and caressing his cheeks stood out in flawless contrast.
Where Hitoshi’s alabaster skin looked so elegant and radiant, Kioshi felt that his own skin was simply just… pale. Everything could pale when compared next to Hitoshi. His own blood-red tattoos felt alien in contrast with his skin instead of flawless. Kioshi somewhat mirrored Hitoshi in that his own lithe torso was bare to the world, at least on warmer days like this. Only his fur-collared long coat covered his arms and his back sufficiently, a gift from Hitoshi. He was always bemused and silently amazed whenever Hitoshi called him beautiful. He could never fully comprehend how someone so irresistibly faultless as Hitoshi could see the beauty in a human such as himself.
And yet Hitoshi never understood how Kioshi couldn’t see his own beauty. The beauty in his frailness, in his own rare smile, in his timid and guarded manner. Kioshi seemed to remind Hitoshi of a timid deer who found itself somehow grazing with the wrong herd. They might be of the same race, but Kioshi would always feel… alien in their midst. And Kioshi never could agree more with Hitoshi’s point of view on this.
As their soft footfalls faded into the lingering, thin fog that was beginning to gather along the cobblestone streets, Kioshi could feel the gentle tap of a raindrop against his shoulder or on the top of his head to disappear into his platinum blond hair, each one proceeding the last with just a little more haste each time. As he felt another drop land in his hair and seep down to his scalp, he abstractedly took a strand of Hitoshi’s silken white hair in his free hand, letting the satin strands glide thru his fingers a couple of times. Hitoshi’s hair was so much longer then his own…. Where his stopped just a few inches below his ears, Hitoshi’s flowed down in a glistening cascade past the small of his back. Kioshi could run his fingers through it for hours and never tire of the fluid feel of it. Not that Hitoshi minded. That same, gently humming sound would thrum in the back of his throat. It was the sound he made often when he was pleased or happy, his enticing and velvety purr.
More then anything, even more then the delicate ears that flickered atop of Hitoshi’s head, it was the sound of his mild purring that reminded Kioshi of how cat-like Hitoshi could be. Another thing that could easily bemuse Kioshi was how much Hitoshi thought of him as his master, when clearly it was he who should so rightly belong to the demon, to this utter embodiment of perfection.
The sky’s tears were falling a little more quickly now, and Kioshi was feeling several soft taps at once. He could here the little drops of sky-dwelling moisture pitter-pat against the stones of the road, tick-tack against the roofs of the houses, dripping into the river they still followed alongside of.
Hitoshi’s lips pressed together in a tight sort of hidden smile. “It’s starting faster then I thought it would….” His voice was subtle and quiet, like he was speaking to himself.
Kioshi nodded absently, letting his face turn upwards once more, allowing his eyes to flutter close under the cold, soft fingertips of the raindrops, letting them stroke slowly down his face. Even with his head tilted back and his eyes closed, Kioshi’s feet kept moving, guided by Hitoshi’s warm hand in his, their arms pressing together a little more firmly.
“It’s fine. We’re almost there anyway.” Kioshi could hear that angelic smile in Hitoshi’s voice, could feel the demons pleased eagerness in his fingertips pressed against the back of his hand.
“Where are we going?” Kioshi asked softly, his eyes still closed, though now he dropped his head and rested it affectionately against Hitoshi’s arm, feeling a couple drops of cool water that had been clinging to his skin melt against his cheek.
Hitoshi didn’t answer right away, and instead Kioshi listened to the rain, wondering if it could speak for him, and trying to hear what it was saying. That rare smile tugged ever-so-gently on the corners of his lips and he seemed to really hear the demon’s voice speaking in the rain, and just as he did, Hitoshi’s voice mirrored it.
“Our place.”
Kioshi let his eyes flutter open. The houses and shops had thinned out a little bit, leaving the street seeming a little more empty. It was already a pretty run-down street, and few traveled its cracked cobblestone pathways, and the few that did could not really find a need to do so in the rain. Now that Kioshi knew their destination, his feet became set on automatic, like he was following a track cut in the grooves of the stone, Hitoshi simply setting the pace. ‘There place’ wasn’t anything gorgeous or glamorous…. It was most literally a hole in the wall, just barely enough room to accommodate them both. But it had a small awning over it, and went back just far enough that it would keep them dry if it rained, or in the shade on a hot day, or warm and close if the wind was chilly. It was out of site, on the forgotten end of the dead little town, just a little dead-end by a short little ally. But it was all theirs.
The younger boy felt Hitoshi’s hand slacken slightly inside his own and he reflected the movement by letting Hitoshi’s fingers slip out of his own. He felt a little lost and alone without the simple contact, without his fingers laced through Hitoshi’s, but within an instant the thought was banished from his mind as Hitoshi’s arms slid around his waist, bringing Kioshi closer against him as they walked.
Kioshi wondered how he could have won the love and affection of one as perfect as Hitoshi. Timid, frail, detached little Kioshi. Always so lost in his world of thought, always too quiet to speak up or stand out. How could someone so perfect, so angelic, so unreal as Hitoshi possibly love someone as hopeless as him? Somehow, the thought would make Kioshi smile inside, and his heart seemed to flutter a little in his chest.
He wasn’t fully aware of stopping. His feet were still on automatic. But as he drew himself back from his untamed world of endless thought, he noticed that they had indeed reached their little hiding place, their miniature sanctuary from the mortal world. Hitoshi was facing him, and he held both of Kioshi’s hands in his now, their fingers once more intertwined, connecting not only their flesh but their souls. Kioshi’s lips twitched. Oh, that was why his heart had fluttered.
“Kioshi,” Hitoshi’s voice was just barely an audible whisper, and Kioshi wanted to close his eyes again, to drink in the sound, to let it float around him and consume him. Instead he settled for keeping his eyes open and locking them with Hitoshi’s, waiting hungrily for more. His heart was having to restart in his chest as he saw Hitoshi wearing that immortally perfect smile. “Are you back yet?” The smile lingering in the demon’s voice.
The blond let out a slow, soft sigh thru gently parted lips, as though this was answer enough. “Yes.” He said quietly. Always quietly. Hitoshi was probably the only one who could ever really hear him.
That painfully beautiful smile still lingered. “Good.” Hitoshi’s fingers unlaced themselves slowly from Kioshi’s, almost reluctantly. Then he wrapped his strong arms around Kioshi’s waist, underneath the coat so that the naked skin of his arms was pressed against the bare skin of the younger boy’s sides and back. He then brought their bodies in loosely together, their bare stomachs brushing against each other.
Kioshi breathed in slowly, for two reasons. The first was simply to see if he remembered how to breathe. It was amazing how easily he could forget whenever Hitoshi held him. The second was he wanted to breathe in Hitoshi’s scent. It was strong, and as familiar to him as the sound of increasing rain outside of their little haven. It was so hard to describe…. It was like cherry blossoms and sweet rice, clean linens and fresh rain, smoke and leaf loam. There was no other way to put it. It was Hitoshi.
He heard a soft thrumming, deeper and only a little more pronounced then the demon’s purr. Ah, Hitoshi was laughing. It was a sound not unlike that of a deep, bubbling brook. Kioshi blinked a little. He had told Hitoshi he was back but he seemed to have drifted off in his thoughts again. It was so easy to do…. There was just so much to think of around him.
Hitoshi brought one hand up and gently touched his fingertips to Kioshi’s throat, letting them slide tenderly up to his chin, tilting the boy’s face up just enough. Kioshi’s heart ripple against his chest even before their lips met, and when they did it skipped a beat completely. Hitoshi’s lips were soft and cool as satin, molding and shaping expertly against his own with the ease of practice. Kioshi had memorized Hitoshi’s lips long ago, their feel emblazoned into his memory, and his lips fitted perfectly against the demon’s.
Kioshi felt the gentle, imploring pressure of Hitoshi’s tongue sweeping against his bottom lip and his lips parted obediently, ever-so-slightly, releasing a small puff of breath along with a soft hum of pleasure into the demon’s hot mouth. Hitoshi’s tongue slid past his lips and began its slow exploration of his moist cavern, gliding against his own tongue, dancing with his.
The blond surrendered to the kiss, let his mind drown into nothingness, let Hitoshi’s smell and taste invade all of his senses. He let his eyes slide closed and his hands rested their palms against Hitoshi’s smooth, cool stomach, his nimble fingertips gliding over the skin, hungry for the feel of him.
Their lips parted only for a moment so that they could both gasp for air, each ones breathing growing a little heavy as they longingly watched each other thru half-lidded eyes, hands hungrily exploring each other’s chest and stomach. Then their lips were pressed together again, both of their hearts beating a little easier in their chests as the familiar sensations returned. One of Kioshi’s hands laced his fingers in Hitoshi’s pearl-white hair, fingertips stroking against one of Hitoshi’s sensitive ears. The ear flicked slightly, happily, and Hitoshi’s purr rippled in the back of his throat, vibrating through to Kioshi’s mouth who hummed pleasantly in return.
While one of Hitoshi’s arms remind wrapped around his frail and beautiful human, Kioshi felt his other hand slowly gliding lower and lower down his stomach, and then he heard the soft clanking of his belt being undone. His heart did a funny number in his chest as his stomach fluttered pleasantly with anticipation. It was amazing how many effects Hitoshi could have on his body with just the simplest of touches, the tiniest of suggestions. That was all it took when you really loved someone, loved them so much that their every action would chain-reaction within yourself.
His head spun a little bit in the ecstasy of their kiss, and colors exploded softly behind Kioshi’s closed eyes. Oh, yeah, he needed to breathe. Fascinating how Hitoshi’s kisses, his touches, could make him forget he needed life-giving air.
He pulled away gently from Hitoshi’s lips, his chest expanding and contracting rapidly as he greedily gulped down air, his eyes once more only sliding half-open. Hitoshi rested his forehead against Kioshi’s and they panted for air together, their lips almost touching, sharing one breath between them, back and forth, back and forth.
Suddenly Kioshi’s head tilted back a small degree and a faint moan escaped from his throat. While Kioshi had been focused on something as trivial as breathing, Hitoshi’s fingers had undone his belt, and the button and zipper of his pants. His fingers now stroked along their prize, drawing the soft moan once more from Kioshi’s lips.
Breathe, keep breathing…. Hitoshi would stop if he passed out from lack of oxygen. Kioshi closed his eyes and focused on taking in one long, deep, shuddering breath. Alright, that was good enough. Suppressing another moan as Hitoshi’s hand cupped him, Kioshi pulled Hitoshi’s face to his and their lips locked together once more, the blond focusing on deepening the kiss as much as he could, trying in vein to convey all the love he felt for the demon in that one, simple moment.
His free hand slid its way slowly down Hitoshi’s perfect stomach, and he didn’t bother with the undoing of Hitoshi’s pants. He pressed his fingers against the demon through the fabric, though mentally cursing the offending cloth’s existence.
Something between a gasp and moan left Hitoshi’s throat and stole the breath from Kioshi’s lips, though he felt Hitoshi’s lips twist slightly against his own in that same delicious smile that felt just as captivating as it looked.
“Kioshi….” That same, hauntingly beautiful whisper.
“Hitoshi.” He stole back the breath from the demon’s lips.
“I love you.”
Kioshi smiled. “I love you, too.”
**omg, my peeps, you must actually hit the little paragraph button at the top to make this look right. XD

Five pages. ^^ Without the paragraph spacing, so I'm quite proud of this. XD Done in roughly three hours. Tonight.
X.x Don't you wish I could get this kind of inspiration for my stories?
BUT! I go with inspiration. XP Cannot be helped.

So, the picture up top is the pic that originally inspired this fic.
IT BELONGS TO :iconsakimichan: ([link])!! An AMAZING artist!

The design of the characters belongs entirely to her... but their personalities and names are traits I equipt them with. So... we both get credit for them? XP I dunno. Sorreh.

Pic and characters (c) :iconsakimichan:
Fic and characters (c) :iconivanloveshisangel:
(XD lol)
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