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November 2, 2007
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Personal Pet
(part two)


The vampire, Caine, lived in a large, old-fashioned, castle-looking home. High solid stone walls reared up into the pitch-black night sky, the towers looking like claws reaching for the yellowed orb of the moon. Some of the highest tower windows were boarded up, and it was easy to tell that over half of this enormous castle went unused. But it wasn't the height of it that sent a shudder down Kyle's spine as he was lead into the stone belly of the beast. It was how deep into the ground this fortress went. The cold stone cells down below the drafts of the castle.

Kyle was only lead down one flight of stone steps, though. But it was easy to tell that there was another flight going farther down at the end of the cold solid hallway.

The vampire unlocked a heavy iron door that lead into a large stone cell. Dirty straw lay in the corners,  but other then this, the cell was empty. Kyle's mind still felt trapped, and he walked inside the cell without a word, standing as the vampire loosed his bonds of rope to replace them with shackles chained to the wall. Kyle would have fought back or struggled if he had been in control of this own thoughts, his own actions, but he wasn't. The vampire's stronger mind was settled inside his, controlling him, already breaking his freedom without even the slightest effort. This alone was about to drive Kyle mad.

As soon as Kyle's wrists were shackled, the vampire gently tilted the boy's face towards him. "Welcome home, pet." He said, smiling unpleasantly. It sent a shudder through the cat demon.

The vampire smirked, then he turned and left the cell, locking the heavy iron door. It was only when Kyle heard his footsteps fading away down the stone hall that the vampire's power released from Kyle's mind and the cat demon was in control of his own actions.

Kyle instantly hissed a stream of low curses, his wrists twisting slightly in their cold metal bonds. The chains clinked against stone as the cat demon's mismatched eyes glanced around the cold cell. He had to stifle a yell of surprise as he caught movement in the corner. Apparently the cell wasn't as empty as he had supposed it to be. Someone sat huddled in one of the corners. Kyle drew back slightly, eyes wide. Whatever it was, it was watching him with bright red eyes.

The creature in the corner seemed to realize then that Kyle was staring at him and it dropped its gaze hesitantly. "I sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." Said a timid voice.

The calico cat demon blinked, trying to adjust his eyes to the dim light. He took another step back slightly. "Who are you?" He asked slowly, trying to keep his voice even to cover up his shock.

There was a rustling of chains as the other stood. He was about as tall as Kyle was. Even in the dim light, Kyle could see the cat-like ears and long tail. It was another cat demon. "My name's Gabriel." He said, his voice still timid.

As his eyes adjusted, Kyle's eyes widened in surprise. The other cat demon had shocking white hair, and his ears and tail were also white. His skin was pale and his eyes were a bright red. "You're an albino." He said, a little without thinking, still surprised.

The albino cat demon smiled tentatively. "And you're a calico." He said, matter-of-factly.

Kyle blinked. "I-I didn't mean...."

Gabriel shook his head. "That's fine." He said. "What's your name?"

"Kyle." The calico cat demon relaxed a little.

Noticing this, Gabriel smiled a little again, though it was a sad smile. "I guess Caine finally decided to move on...." He said, sounding more like he was talking to himself.

Upon hearing the vampire's name, Kyle stiffened slightly again. "What do you mean?" He asked, worried.

Gabriel shrugged slightly. "Caine gets a new cat demon every couple of years." He said, with another sad smile. "I've been around for almost five years, though. He never felt the need to replace me, I suppose. But now...." He shrugged again.

Kyle blinked, not fully understanding. "So... there were others before you? Pets to this vampire?"

The albino cat nodded. "Oh yes. Julius was before me. A Siamese. The Master has a taste for rare breeds." Again the sad smile.

The calico shifted uncomfortably. "Is he.... Is he...." Kyle fought for the right word. "I mean.... He doesn't strike me as particularly... kind." He finished finally.

Gabriel blinked, his head tilting slightly. "Caine?" A smile spread across his lips. It was not a pleasant one. "How many masters have you had, Kyle?"

Kyle frowned at the question. "Too many." He said.

Now Gabriel frowned. "Let me re-word it. What's the worst a master has done to you? The most pain one has caused?"

The calico blinked as he thought, a little disturbed by the question. "I was once starved for nearly two weeks and then beaten for two days straight." Kyle had the innumerable scars to prove it.

Gabriel nodded slowly. "Compared to Caine, Kyle, that master will seem like a saint."

Kyle felt the color drain from his face. "What do you mean?"

The albino watched the calico for a moment. "I mean exactly what I said. Caine is cruel. He loves blood and causing pain. He also takes pleasure in rough sex."

Again Kyle felt himself go pale. Gabriel noticed this, and the same odd smile was on his lips. "You've never been with another man, have you, Kyle?"

Kyle slowly shook his head, suddenly unable to find any words at all. His throat felt completely dry.

Gabriel shrugged lightly. "Caine will change that." He said, quietly.

Kyle hadn't been aware of dozing off, but he found himself jerking awake as the heavy iron door was opened. He was quickly on his feet even before the vampire closed the door behind him.

Caine's silver eyes watched the cat demon intently, smirking slightly. Slowly, he turned from Kyle towards Gabriel, who raised himself from the ground more slowly. Kyle noticed that the albino did not meet the vampire's eyes, but stared at the ground.

The vampire moved towards the white cat demon, pressing him against the cold stone wall slightly. One clawed hand gently stroked the cat demon's cheek. Gabriel closed his eyes. "I must feed today, my pet." The vampire said quietly.

Gabriel's eyes opened again. "Yes, Master." He said timidly, and his head tilted slightly to one side.

Caine smiled. "Always so obedient. My precious pet." He tenderly kissed the side of Gabriel's neck and the cat demon shuddered slightly, his eyes closing again.

Kyle watched, his eyes wide, as the vampire bared one-inch fangs and drove them deep into Gabriel's exposed neck.

The albino cat whimpered slightly, but then fell silent. He let the vampire's hands grasp his hips and hold him close and tilted his head a little farther to allow the vampire better access. One of Caine's hand slid up the cat demon's shirt and Gabriel released a small moan.

It seemed forever to Kyle that they stayed that way, the vampire drinking from the cat demon, until finally Caine pulled away, his lips crimson, a thin trickle of blood down his chin. He stepped back and with a small groan, Gabriel slid down the wall. He sat there, and slowly raised one hand to hold hid bleeding neck.

With a smile of satisfaction, Caine wiped his lips with the back of his hand. His silver eyes, brighter now, more intense, fixed on Kyle. "I hear you are rebellious, my new pet." He said, smirking. "Soon you will learn to obey as he does." He gestured towards the weakened Gabriel.

Smirking, the vampire swept from the cell, locking the iron door behind him. Kyle shuddered as he looked back towards Gabriel, still sitting on the ground, holding his neck, trembling slightly. I can't be broken....
Yepyep, part 2. ^^

I like Gabriel. =^_^= He's a cutie. Poor ikkle guy.
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