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December 1, 2007
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Personal Pet
(part seven)


Several days passed and Kyle's back healed almost completely. The two cat demons only saw the vampire when food and water was brought to them. Kyle always avoided his eyes. For two reasons.

The first was simply because the vampire's gaze alone would send a shudder down Kyle's spine. Cold, cruel and intence, it was impossible to hold his silver gaze. Kyle hated to be intimidated by a mere glance, but to get no reaction, he simply had to look away.

The second was that Kyle had figured out something extreamly important. Or, rather, Gabriel had learned it, long ago, and told Kyle about it. Caine could only controll another's mind and actions if he made eye contact for a few moments first. Even though the vampire had only used it once on him and Gabriel said it was uncommon for Caine to use much mind-controll, Kyle still didn't feel much like risking it.

But on the seventh day after Kyle's "punishment", Caine's footsteps were heard coming towards the cell. The iron door creaked on its hinges as the vampire entered.

Kyle and Gabriel both stood, both of them on oposite ends of the cell. The vampire's cold silver eyes fell on Gabriel for a few long minuets, then slowly fixed on the calico. Kyle kept his eyes down-cast.

The vampire's footsteps made barely a sound as Caine approached Kyle. The cat demon was already against the wall, so his retreat was instantly cut off. A cool hand under his chin forced him to look up finally, blue and brown meeting swirling silver.

Caine smirked. "Your back seems healed, kitten."

The pet name made Kyle seeth inside, over-riding a lot of fear, but he hardly even batted an eye outside. Instead, he was stone silent. His eyes, however, reflected the immense hate and anger.

The vampire smiled unpleasently. "Anger is an ugly thing, Kyle. I'd carefully keep that in check if I were you." He smirked.

Kyle wished he could look away, but the vampire's hand still held his chin, so he didn't try to resist. A small shivver slid down his spine as he felt the vampire's other hand snake up his side slowly.

Caine's face was barely an inch from Kyle's. The cat demon could feel the vampire's cool, sweat breath against his lips, causing him to shudder slightly.

Smirking slightly, the vampire's lips suddenly pressed, hard, against Kyle's. The cat demon muffled a sound of protest and tried to maintain his silent, though he was far from returning the kiss.

The cat demon pressed the back to his head hard against the wall, but was unable to pull away. He felt the vampire's hands tighten on his sides slightly. Then the vampire's tongue brushed his bottom lip, begging an entrance. Once Kyle was far from granting.

Upon meeting resistance, the vampire's tongue forced passed the boy's lips and into his mouth. In his surprise at the intrusion, Kyle did something completely impulsive; he bit down.

The next thing he knew, sharp claws had raked accross his cheek as the vampire struck him accross the face, nearly knocking him to the ground. The wall was the only thing keeping him standing. The taste of stale, metallic blood in his mouth, the cat demon looked up suddenly, not believing what he had just done.

Caine stood a few feet back, his eyes narrowed and flashing, one hand covering his mouth. He brought his hand away and looked at it, his face darkening in anger at the sight of his own blood. Eyes snapping up to the calico, a thin trickle of the red liquid slid from the corner of his lips. "Remove your shirt." He hissed.

Kyle's eyes widened in fear. "N-no! I d-didn't mean to! I-I'm sorry!" Kyle stummbled over his words in a panic as the vampire slowly brought the coiled jagged whip down from the wall. "Please! I'm sorry!"

A snarl baring his long fangs, the vampire closed the distance between him and the cat demon in two strides. Kyle fliched as the vampire's clawed hand grabbed a hand full of his shirt and tore the fabric like it was nothing more then a spider web.

"Please!!" Kyle begged, tears starting to stream down his cheeks now. "I-I'm so sorry! Master, please!"

The vampire froze, his face still dark with anger, his eyes fixed on Kyle's. The cat demon was trembling fircely, fear causing him to shudder under the vampire's cold, hard gaze, his breathing quick and frightened.

Slowly, the vampire's face lost it's angry scowl, though his brow was still furrowed. The whip was still coiled in his grasp. After a pause, he slowly lifted one hand, his thumb running accross the new cuts on Kyle's cheek. The calico winced slightly. He seemed to holding his breath now, deadly still, except for the tremmors.

Caine stared at the blood on his thumb, then his slitted silver eyes were fixed on Kyle's mismatched gaze again. The air in the cell seemed frozen. "If you ever disobey again, I swear it will be the last thing you do." He growled.

Kyle didn't dare move an inch. "Y-yes, M-Master...." He said slowly, his voice shaking.

The vampire's eyes seemed to flash at the words from the cat demon's lips. The coiled whip was slowly brought up between them, the vampire pressing the jagged glass and stone against the boy's chest and pircing the skin, without ever once releacing his gaze. Kyle whimpered slightly, but did not move.

"Hang it up." Caine snarled. Then he turned and easily crossed the cell, the heavy iron door coming shut with a bang that nearly cracked its hinges. The key clicked in the lock and then the vampire dissappeared down the dark hall.

With a shudder, his heart beating out of controll, Kyle slid down the wall, the whip in his trembling hands, thin trickles of blood running down his chest.

Gabriel was suddenly by his side, a hand on his shoulder, gently steadying him. "Are you okay?"

Slowly, Kyle nodded, trying to comprehend just how close he had come to another brutal beating. "I've rarely seen him get so mad and not give a single lash." Gabriel said, his voice low. "I don't know why he didn't use that on you, Kyle."

Kyle stared numbly down at the whip.
^^ Two in one day agian. ^_^

Rejoice!! ^^
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