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December 3, 2007
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Personal Pet
(part eight)


The next day, Kyle was once again awoken by the screech of the opening cell door. The calico was sitting in one corner, and he stayed there, pressing himself into the shadows, very slowly standing up on slightly cramped legs.

Gabriel, on the other side of the cell, did the same, though he was not trying to make himself as invisable as possible in the corner, like Kyle.

Caine's silver eyes passed only briefly over Kyle, then fixed on the albino cat as the vampire moved towards the cat demon. Gabriel's eyes shifted down to the floor slightly, his ears tilting back in fear, but he made no move of retreat. In fact, he took a couple of slow steps forward, away from the wall.

The vampire stopped only an inch from the boy, his hands grasping the albino's hips and pulling him in to close the small gap between their bodies. Gabriel made no sound of protest, but his red eyes finally drifted up to meet Caine's silver ones.

"You need to feed, Master?" Gabriel's voice was quiet, timid.

A small, unpleasent smile tugged the corners of the vampire's lips. "Yes." He said, in his own quiet, cold tones. His arms wrapped more around the white-haired cat demon, holding him closer.

To Kyle's silent surprise, Gabriel's only reaction was to wrap his arms around the vampire's waist in return. The albino then leaned up, placing a gentle kiss on the side of the vampire's neck. Caine smirked slightly.

Kyle watched as Caine's long ivory fangs sank deep in Gabriel's neck. The albino released a small whimper, but held tighter to the vampire.

Nothing stirred in the cool cell for what felt like an eternity to Kyle. More time seemed to go by then it should have, but the calico didn't make a sound and stood still as stone. The vampire and albino cat demon remained locked in their deadly embrace, never moving.

Then, suddenly, Gabriel whimpered again and his hold tightened on the vampire. "No...." He whispered, and Kyle saw him trying to pull away. But Caine held the white cat demon tightly in his arms.

A slow moan rose from the albino. "No.... Master, please.... Please... no...." His weak voice trailed away to a whimper again.

But the vampire didn't move. He continued to drink from Gabriel, holding him close. Then, with another weak moan, Gabriel shuddered and then was completely still.

Eyes wide with fear and horror, Kyle watched as Caine finally removed bloodied fangs from Gabriel's neck. The cat demon's blood trickled from the corner of the vampire's mouth. Slowly, Caine stoked a hand once through Gabriel's white hair. "Good-bye, my Gabriel." He said with a satisfied smirk. Then let Gabriel's body fall to the cold stone ground.

Kyle stood numb and disbelieving in shock, hardly hearing the sounds of the closing cell door and fading footsteps. Slowly, shaking, the calico moved and knelt by the albino laying face-down on the floor.

With trembling hands, Kyle gently put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Gabriel...." He couldn't be.... Gabriel couldn't be....

Tears burned in Kyle's eyes as he slowly and carefully turned the cat demon over. The hot tears streamed down his face and Kyle burried his face in his hands. "Oh, Gabriel...! No...."

Gabriel's red eyes were still open, clouded in death.
Okay, I know I said that these next few would be longer... and this one is still short... but they start getting longer after this! Promise. XP

This one just had to be short because... well, the next part is a serious scene-stealer, and Gabriel needed this scene all to himself.
Poor ikkle guy.... I acctually feel bad for killing him. :tears:

I mean, come on! You had to know it was coming! ... Right? o.o
If not, you ish not familiar with me work yet. XP lol
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Dezirea Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Can you send be part 9? I don't care how graphic it is, I want to read it. 
Dezirea Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
/fucking bastard. 
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oh and I cant find a link to part 9 anywhere could you send it to me pretty please thx
IvanLovesHisAngel Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013   Writer
Sorry for insanely late reply, but as you may or may not have noticed yet, Chapter 9 of Personal Pet was removed because it was a pretty graphic rape scene, basically P: But to sum it up, Caine figures everything he's feeling about Kyle comes down to lust and that he just needs one thing, so yeah, he rapes Kyle pretty much, and then Chapter 10 picks up right after that scene P:
rcull26 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
ahhh ok
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twinfools101 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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maxking74 Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
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